Providing hope through Christ to individuals and communities battling addiction, using support, encouragement and collaboration.

Who We Are:

A Better Life: Brianna's hope is a participant-driven, faith-based, and compassion filled support and recovery group for those battling the battle with substance abuse.

Our Mission:

Providing hope through Christ to individuals and communities battling addiction using support , encouragement, and collaboration.

Brianna's Prayer

Our Foundational Document:

"Please Lord, look after me and my family. Please help me to do the right thing and to show people I am not a bad person inside or out and help me Lord to get through this disappointment again and know I make mistakes but who doesn't? I don't do it to do wrong. I do it cuz I feel I have no other choice. I want a better life, Lord, I do. Please help me. Do to me as what you feel is best. I surrender to you. In Jesus' name, Amen."

The story behind ABLBH: a story of hope and healing 


"After 13 years of struggling I am nearly a year clean. I owe much of that to the love, help and hope that is offered through ABLBH. I need people who have been where I have been and understand. The stories of others in our group inspire me and remind me it can be done."

—  Anonymous

Testimonies from those who have lived with addiction

Letters of Endorsements

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