Addiction Education

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Social Media Victims Law Center 
Click on the link above to learn more about the possible negative impact social media can have on children and adults. Other resources include how to identify suicide risks, eating disorders, sexual abuse, effects of social media, and more. 
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Sobriety E-Book

The Sobriety E-Book is a guide to recovery written by professionals to provide education and resources to assist you in maintaining sobriety. The book includes information over: 

  • Quick Tips for Sobriety

  • Learning About Addiction

  • Creating & Setting Goals

  • Building a Support System

  • Finding a Safe Environment

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Triggers and Cravings

  • Using Coping Skills

  • Managing Stress

  • Managing Time

  • Relapse Prevention Plan

  • Accessing Resources

Click to download the Sobriety E-Book for free!