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Previously incarcerated and pursuing a Higher Education 

According to a report by the Prison Policy Initiative, only 4% of ex-offenders have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher, and they experience an unemployment rate of 27%. Studies show that having stable employment and a higher-education degree can reduce recidivism.

We created a guide for people with prior convictions to learn about going to college. We provide information about various grants and scholarships,, advocacy programs and resources for ex-offenders, and other vital information to help them earn a degree.

You can view our guide here:

Addiction Guide 

 Addiction Guide is one of the only educational websites founded by a recovering addict, an addict’s spouse, and a board-certified addiction doctor. Visit 

Addiction Group

Midwest Detox Center  (click to view website)

Each year, drug abuse and addiction cause numerous deaths in the Midwest. In 2021, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan all ranked within the top 15 states with the highest number of drug overdose deaths. In addition, Missouri and Wisconsin ranked within the top 25. Fortunately, the region has many drug addiction treatment centers that help prevent these issues. 

The guide we have created with behavioral specialists provides updated content on the treatment your visitors can expect like: 

  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment

  • Medical detoxification

  • Therapy

  • Medical-assisted treatment

  • Dual-diagnosis treatment

  • After care planning

Sobriety E-Book
Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 1.20.57 PM.png

The Sobriety E-Book is a guide to recovery written by professionals to provide education and resources to assist you in maintaining sobriety. The book includes information over: 

  • Quick Tips for Sobriety

  • Learning About Addiction

  • Creating & Setting Goals

  • Building a Support System

  • Finding a Safe Environment

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Triggers and Cravings

  • Using Coping Skills

  • Managing Stress

  • Managing Time

  • Relapse Prevention Plan

  • Accessing Resources

Click to download the Sobriety E-Book for free! 

 We provide trusted resources and relevant information for individuals and their families struggling with substance abuse including helpful guides. Click here: 

Willows Place 

Willow Place is an emergency women's shelter that provides temporary housing for women in need. We are equipped to provide a warm and safe environment to help women get back on their feet. Our mission at Willow Place is to provide short-term emergency shelter and resources for homeless women, and a place of hope.

123 E. 10th St.
Anderson, IN 46016

Ark Behavioral Health 

Our recovery experts provide trusted resources and relevant information for individuals and their families struggling with substance abuse.

Click here to access a resource guide: 

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