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Inpatient Rehab Facilities vs. Outpatient Addiction Clinics

When selecting a treatment center, there is a differing options between inpatient and outpatient clinics. Individual treatment needs are naturally going to vary, and there are certain benefits (and drawbacks) to both types of treatment that may inform the decision for treatment type.


Outpatient facilities can vary widely. Many outpatient rehabs provide treatment in the form of education, group therapy, individual therapy, and in some cases, access to psychiatric care or medication-assisted treatment. Outpatient programs range in levels of intensity and, to some extent, the treatment plan can be tailored to each client, with the number and type of scheduled weekly groups varying based on the individual's needs.


Inpatient or residential rehab settings often requires more of a commitment due staying there 24/7. This allows for the addict to be able to complete detox and time to learn what it takes to live without drugs.  Length of stays can vary based off of facility, insurance, or need but studies suggest that a minimum of 90 days of treatment is essential for successful outcomes and long-term sobriety. A benefit of many inpatient treatment programs is that they commonly include some form of medically supervised detox and around-the-clock support to keep those recovering a safe and comfortable as possible—minimizing relapse risks.

Click here to download a list of IN and out state treatment facilities and shelters
*All facilities and shelters have been called to verify they are still in business. If you have a facility to update or add, please email us the information to verify and place on our website. 
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