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"After 13 years of struggling I am nearly a year clean. I owe much of that to the love, help and hope that is offered through ABLBH. I need people who have been where I have been and understand. The stories of others in our group inspire me and remind me it can be done."


"The participants in the ABLBH program have a strong desire to change lives, including their own, which comes across so genuinely in their testimonies."

James Myers

Assistant Principal and Dean of Students, Jay County High School

"I am in my mid-twenties and am now more than a year clean, after battling addiction for 13 years!"


"ABLBH is an organization I do not hesitate to recommend to other high schools. I wish all of our programming could have that much of an impact."

Christopher J. Conley

Principal, Delta High School

"[The speakers from ABLBH] made a difference and gave them [students] hope that they can overcome challenges and reach their dreams, and that they are not broken."

Janice McGalliard

Principal, Redkey Elementary School

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"Since 2013 until now, Jay County has been the lone exception to the rise in the number of overdose deaths. Compared to other areas, Jay County's rate has averaged between 3-5 deaths per year. I believe without a doubt this can be traced back to the efforts of Pastor Randy Davis and A Better Life - Brianna's Hope."

Jason White

Former Jay County Coroner

"I would highly recommend this presentation, without any reservation, for any group of students, grades 7-12. Unlike other presentations to our student body, ABLBH held each student's attention and moved many of them to tears."

Phillip R. Metz

Principal, Celina High School

"I couldn't have done it without ABLBH. They are now my family and biggest supporters. They truly understand my struggle and are there when I need them both day and night. They are what helps me stay clean."


"The message brought to our students centered on making wise choices, the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol, and the saving graces of divine intervention. I would highly recommend Randy Davis and his A Better Life - Brianna's Hope message to any school or adult assembly."

Jeff Hobbs

Principal, Fort Recovery High School

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